Manager Clinical Services- Emergency Department

Under limited supervision, provides leadership support for the Emergency Department ensuring the quality of care and optimizing operational effectiveness. Evidences system thinking, initiates improvement strategies, and promotes employee development. Supervises staff including ER Nurses, ER Technicians and secretarial staff collaboratively with the Program Manager. Has 24-hour accountability for the provision of care.




Under limited supervision, provides leadership support for the Emergency Department ensuring the quality of care and optimizing operational effectiveness. Evidences system thinking, initiates improvement strategies, and promotes employee development. Supervises staff including ER Nurses, ER Technicians and secretarial staff collaboratively with the Program Manager.  Has 24-hour accountability for the provision of care. 



Reflects the skills, knowledge and abilities that individuals use as they serve in the role of a leader.  The following provides examples of specific behaviors that correspond with MercyOne and Trinity Health leadership competencies: Defines and shares a strategy and vision. Aligns resources toward achievement of Unified Enterprise Ministry results (UEM). Grows and sustains the UEM. Identifies, leads, embraces change.


Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide service/care appropriate to the age of the patients served, in accordance with MercyOne standards.


Utilizing the nursing process, assesses, plans, organizes and evaluates care of patients, directly or indirectly to ensure quality of  patient care, specific to the age of the patient population identified within the department/unit scope of service.


Provides leadership in the development, implementation and evaluation of unit/service goals and monitoring outcomes, in order to accomplish strategic objectives and support the mssion.


Promotes achievement of best practice in access, technology, service and coordination of information between providers/services.


Makes decisions based on knowledge, experience and the ability to forecast using information management and relevant data.


Shows mastery of job content, demonstrates skill and knowledge of individual profession and area of responsibility.  Keeps current with new trends and developments and seeks out continuous education for management skills.


Monitors clinical outcomes and system issues related to quality of care delivery, develops quality filters, audits, and case reviews, identifies trends and sentinel events, and helps to outline remedial actions while maintaining confidentiality.


Collaborates and fosters positive professional relations with medical staff.  Stabilizes the complex network of many disciplines that work in concert to provide high-quality care, serving as an internal resource for staff in all departments, and acting as an extended liaison for Emergency Medical Services agencies, the community, and the nation.


Coordinates trauma care management across the continuum of trauma care, including the planning and implementation of clinical protocols/practice management guidelines, monitors care of in-hospital patients, and serves as a resource for clinical practice.


Establishes and communicates employee performance expectations, assesses staff competencies and actively participates in the planning and implementation of staff development processes and activities.


Supervises the Trauma Registrar.  Collects, codes, scores, and develops processes for validation of data and designs the registry to facilitate performance improvement activities, trend reports, and research while protecting confidentiality.


Provides leadership and promotes staff involvement in continuous quality improvement activities.  Conducts on-going quality management by identifying quality assurance issues and coordinating action and follow-up.  Spots problems, opportunities, threats and trends early.


Manages the operational, personnel, and financial aspects of the Trauma Program, serving as a liaison to administration, and representing the Trauma Program on various hospital and community committees to enhance and foster optimal trauma care management.


Ensures risk management principles and practices are implemented. Establishes and\or ensures staff adherence to standards and regulatory agency requirements.


Monitors documentation to ensure compliance with MercyOne policies and procedures.


Provides for inter-facility and regional professional staff development, participating in case review, standardizing practice guidelines, and directing community trauma education and prevention programs.


Participates in research selection, analysis, and distribution of findings, and facilitates protocol design for accurate data collection, feedback, and analysis.  Assures the timely development and review departmental policy, procedures and standards by self or expert staff.


Practices participative management; shares responsibility and influence.


Facilitates the development of working relationships which enhance team and individual performance to achieve best practice.  Participates in the development of trauma care systems at the community, state, provincial, or national levels.


Is open and maintains a non-defensive leadership style and is receptive to constructive suggestions.  Aware of her/his feelings and makes needed adjustments in own behavior.


Confronts others skillfully, applying policies consistently and fairly. Evaluates and disciplines employees as needed and notifies Department Director and/or other areas of authority as necessary.


Negotiates adeptly with individuals and groups over roles and resources.  Is a team builder; brings people together successfully around tasks.


Develops a network of contacts (internal and external), and works well with other departments/units as well as within the community.  Builds cooperative working relationships.


Participates actively on committees and disseminates information appropriately.  Is action oriented/goal directed, and seeks results.


Demonstrates understanding of patient care and its issues and represents the nursing profession to others.


Develops and manages budgets through the use of performance and efficiency measures in order to achieve strategic objectives.


Schedules and assigns employees to ensure adequate staffing within budgetary guidelines and provides justification for over variance.


Directs and ensures the maintenance of equipment and supplies on the unit.  Submits requests for additional supplies or equipment following established procedure.


Is familiar with third party reimbursement policies and trends, in order to optimize customer service and coordination of resources across the continuum of care.


Ensures the confidentiality of information pertaining to patients, physicians, employees and visitors are maintained.


Is responsible for creating an environment of organizational learning about patient safety and medical/health care error reduction, supports sharing of knowledge, and fosters behavioral changes to improve patient safety.


Knows, understands, incorporates, and demonstrates the MercyOne and Trinity Health Mission, Vision, and Values in behaviors, practices, and decisions.


Maintains a working knowledge of applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, MercyOne and Trinity Health’s Organizational Integrity Program, Standards of Conduct, as well as other policies and procedures in order to ensure adherence in a manner that reflects honest, ethical, and professional behavior.


Maintains confidentiality of information pertaining to clients, physicians, employees, and MercyOne business.


Demonstrates general working knowledge of computers and department specific software (i.e. Healthstream, internet, etc.)


Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by persons assigned to this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of duties so assigned.

Our Mission

MercyOne serves with fidelity to the Gospel as a compassionate, healing ministry of Jesus Christ to transform the health of our communities.

—   —   —

Our Vision

MercyOne will set the standard for a personalized and radically convenient system of health services.

—   —   —

Our Values

Integrity – We are faithful to who we say we are.

Commitment to the Poor – We stand with and serve those who are poor, especially the most vulnerable.

Compassion – Solidarity with one another, capacity to enter another’s joy and sorrow.

Excellence – Preeminent performance, becoming the benchmark, putting forth our personal and professional best.

Justice – We foster right relationships to promote the common good, including sustainability of the Earth.

Stewardship – We honor our heritage and hold ourselves accountable for the human, financial and natural resources entrusted to our care.

Reverence – We honor the sacredness and dignity of every person.

—   —   —

Our Cultural Beliefs


I benefit from and strengthen MercyOne.

Personalize Care

Your experience.  My responsibility.

Own It!

I own my actions to deliver our key results.

Improve Daily

I make improvements every day for those we serve including each other.


I imagine and embrace bold new ideas to revolutionize health.


Is a Registered Nurse maintaining a current Iowa license. B.S.N. degree required. Requires BLS, ACLS, PALS, and TNCC. Requires a minimum of three to five years relevant work experience. A minimum of three to five years of management experience preferred. Must be directly responsible for the operation of a department and/or cost center with less than 50 employees (head count) or two or more departments/cost centers with less than 40 employees. National Certification in specialty required. Must complete a minimum of 16 hours emergency/trauma-related continuing education per year, certification, and clinical experience in care of the injured.  Ability to cope with frequent stress and capable of successfully working through adversity. Able to communicate effectively (verbal and written) in any given setting. Establishes rapport easily and is approachable for counsel. Actively participates and represents MercyOne Medical Center in professional and community organizations. May be requested to travel within the Siouxland region.  When assigned to travel, a valid drivers license and proof of insurance will be submitted to manager prior to travel. Must have a general working knowledge of computers and department specific software (i.e. Healthstream, internet, etc.) Must be comfortable operating in a collaborative, shared leadership environment. Must possess a personal presence that is characterized by a sense of honesty, integrity, and caring with the ability to inspire and motivate others to promote the philosophy, mission, vision, goals, and values of MercyOne and Trinity Health.

MercyOne cultivates, upholds and supports a safe work environment.  Associates support patient and staff safety by demonstrating aptitude and maintaining organizational employment standards and requirements.  Associate job performance is continually appraised and formally evaluated during the course of employment with Mercy.


Must successfully pass employment physical examination and must adhere to applicable organizational requirements on an annual basis for Employee Health Directives.  Must possess the ability to comply with MercyOne and Trinity Health policies and procedures. Works primarily inside with frequent handling and reaching for files and reports, seldom in excess of 15 pounds. Ability to function under stressful situations. Must understand and accept the possibility of exposure to environmental elements, such as inclement weather, dust, noise, chemicals and/or chemical fumes, and infectious disease.

These essential functions identify the major requirements of the job.  They are not an exhaustive list of all job requirements.  An employee may be called upon to perform physical actions not specifically identified in this job description.