The Manager of Budget & Productivity provides management of annual budget process. Manages the biweekly Productivity report generation, distribution and variance reporting, including weekly Productivity/Overtime/Expense Variance reporting. Performs oversite of the iVantage Benchmarking system working with Trinity and local Senior & Mid-Leadership to understand and explore opportunities for cost improvements. Performs periodic and ongoing financial analyses of specific, current or proposed programs. Gathers required data for Decision Support system and generates reports as needed.

Manages and assures the accuracy of the Medical Center’s annual operating and capital budget process.score: N/A

Prepares and distributes departmental budget packages. Reviews and educates leadership on department budget software and hospital policies. Maintains budget software.  Updates budget software monthly from the general ledger system. Prepares all iterations of budget as necessary. Prepares necessary statistics for inclusion in budget package. Prepares monthly spread of budget data and inputs into hospital general ledger system. Prepares and distributes finalized budget packages. Obtains budget variance explanations monthly from department directors/managers.  Makes recommendations to improve budgeting process. Apprises Leadership of relevant budget issues.

score: N/A Provides management of Productivity Monitoring System. Ensures generation and distribution of Productivity Monitoring Reports on a biweekly basis. Leads weekly Productivity calls to monitor explanations of variances on departmental productivity, overtime and other expenses. Ensures generation and distribution of quarterly benchmarking reports. Assists departments in identifying appropriate peer group to benchmark with. Monitors departmental compliance with productivity targets. Leads the managerial budget training sessions. Proactively identifies areas for potential improvement in departmental productivity. Consistently provides reports to the Management Team. Recommends modifications to departmental statistics

score: N/A Gathers statistical data required for internal as well as external financial reporting.

a. Prepares and distributes FTE report.

b. Prepares and distributes monthly statistical reports.

c. Completes surveys on an as needed basis

Performs on-going and periodic financial analysis of current and proposed programs and services.

Assists in analysis of profitability (contribution margin) with current and proposed programs and services through the assistance of the use of the Decision Support system.

Performs other financial activities required by the Department. Provides oversite and analysis of data going into and reported from the Benchmarking system (iVantage) for accuracy and consistency with peer groups Provides management of the Decision Support System Collects statistical data from medical center departments Ensures Decision Support System data is updated and accurate on an ongoing basis Run reports for Decision Support System as requested. Recommends modifications to departmental statistics and measures Completes special projects and surveys as needed by the CFO and AVP of Finance.